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Lion of the Year

2008 - 2009


Let it known to all who shall
read these presents, that the
most honorable King Lion here and now
confers the coveted honor of
"Lion of the Year"
upon Lion Willie Smith.

Such title in recognition of
in the Lionism year of our Lord,
two thousand eight.

Willie Smith's perserverence, resolve,
initiative, duty and enthusiasm,
demonstrated in his active
participation in the conduct of the
club's activities and projects carried
out during the year, did directly
contribute to the high success of
the club.

The Most Honorable King Lion
further declares that during the year,
in the course of meetings and other
such official functions of the
Lawton Northeast Lions Club,
Lion Willie shall, by all the other Lions,
be addressed as
LION OF THE YEAR Willie Smith.
The most honorable King Lion
also hereby directs the Tail Twister
to levy a fine upon
any such lion who fails
to use this term of address.

King Lion Ron Brown

Honorable King Lion
June, 2008